So you want to start your own business?

Come walk with me, and learn from my mistakes

As part of rethinking the corporate grind, you may want to start your own thing.  Whether it is a side business or your main thing, hopefully I can help you as I start my own.

I’ve spent a week working to get this site up and running, and as you can tell, it is a work in progress…much like my business.  I am definitely not a techie.

Here are the steps I’ve taken in the past week:

  1. I decided to take the plunge.  Whether you are pushed, have decided to do it yourself, or a combination of both – this is a big deal!
  2. I formed my own company.  Cost $300 to file with the state.  Fortunately, I have a close friend who is a lawyer and an entrepreneur, so he spent some time on the phone with me and handled the paperwork.
  3. I bought the domain names associated with my business.  Domain names are simply the url’s – the web address that you type into your browser (internet explorer, safari, firefox, etc.)  I used, and I recommend them.  Easy to use, and relatively inexpensive at under $100 for multiple domains.
  4. I set up hosting for my site.  Hosting is simply the servers that run your website.  I’m using A Simple Orange.  Fantastic support – online chat helped me tremendously.  Inexpensive at less than $5 a month.
  5. As part of site hosting, I installed wordpress.  WordPress allows you to set up the bones of a website, and it provides structure for millions of websites.  And it is free for the self-hosted version!

In the next few posts, I’ll take you through the other resources that I’m using as I launch my website and my online alter-ego.

Do you have any questions about “how to?”

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