Working with the VA

They are not the inefficient bureaucrats you hear about

You don’t often hear this about a government agency, and the Veteran’s Administration in particular – but I’m impressed.

I submitted my business for certification as a Veteran-owned small business…and was contacted the next business day by the VA, asking for clarification on a form.

Pleasant, quick and effective.  I was surprised.

I’ve had two exchanges this week so far.  The only complaint is – though the VA case manager will call you and leave a voicemail, to return the call you have to go through a main switchboard after a phone tree.  And they only leave their first name.  That’s the only piece of bureaucratic weirdness I’ve encountered so far.

Again, I’m impressed so far.  I’ll keep you advised as I journey forward.

Merry Christmas, and let me know if you’ve been surprised by good service from a bureaucracy.

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